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"As a participant and observer in Dr. Ellie Olin’s Opera Seminar at the Santa Fe Opera, I have had excellent opportunities to observe and appreciate her deep understanding of music and how it works as drama. In her lectures and interactive presentations, Dr. Olin naturally and honestly communicates the visceral experience of the live concert experience, through well-chosen words and musical examples. She seamlessly presents a vast range of musical elements, from the technical to the intensely emotional, so as to excite listeners to fully engage in the exhilaration that can only be experienced through live performances. Dr. Olin is a natural at building audience excitement and showing all that is great about music!”

— Christopher Costanza, cellist, St. Lawrence String Quartet; Artist-in-Residence at Stanford University

“Dr. Ellie Olin has the mind and imagination of a scholar, the skill of an accomplished musician and the curiosity of an adventurer into the dramatic world created on the opera stage. With Dr. Olin, you will enjoy an extraordinary experience of opera!”

— Dr. Mary W. Kime, Emerita Professor Lamont School of Music, University of Denver